What readers are saying...

The Gates Manor Band 

A wonderful part of this book is it's uplifting quality. The story will pull you along with well-written characters and mysterious happenings. As we start our story, Julia is dealing with a family scenario, like a lot of us, where her mother has dementia and her father is the primary care-giver. After her mother passes away, Julia is visited by a series of confusing surprises, a strange phone call and a flashback to her high school days. Someone is sending her a message, and that someone is God.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was nice to read a book that was uplifting and spiritual. I really liked how the characters developed and came together. After reading a few chapters, I couldn't put the book down. Highly recommend. - Sheri

This book was moving and beautifully written. The writer did a wonderful job of dancing the plots around each other and then bringing them all together. I don't often read books in the Christian genre, but this story was real and poignant, inspirational and funny. I highly recommend this read! 

- Kimberly

Well-paced and clearly defined characters within a multi-faceted story that covers everything from sexual abuse to Alzheimer's. I feel like I know these people. A good read with the truth of God's love at its core. - Music Mama

Awesome book. I could not put it down...but I needed sleep. I recommend it highly. - B

Secrets and Surrender 

This book is a sequel to "The Gates Manor Band" and I could not put it down. I loved the first book and cannot say enough good things about "Secrets and Surrender." I don't want to give away any of the story line so I will just say it is a book I will re-read more than once. It is that good!!! I have bought four copies to give as gifts so far. I will buy more.  -Amazon Customer

I like this type of book that lets people know God still can help them.  It is well written and it is a book I could not put down until I read it through.  Look forward to Jan's next books. Jan, please keep writing. -Amazon Customer

What a great continuation of a story!  God loves us - no matter what. Thank you for spreading hope and joy through your characters in Secrets and Surrender. - Amazon Customer

Burnt Toast: Devotions for Imperfect People 

Ms. Hemby has created a collection of devotionals that are easily relatable, humorously digestible and deeply rooted in Christ. This book and Frederick Buscher’s “Beyond Words” constitutes my morning quiet time. Bless you Jan. Amen. - Andrew Ellis

I read one chapter each night. I chuckle to myself sometimes and I think how I can apply the beautiful words and scriptures to my life. Very inspiring...helps put a lot of things in perspective. - Jeanette Bonthuis

Loved this book. So many of the devotions hit home with things in my life. A little humor always helps you face facts. Good job!!! - Angela P. Williams